0-1 Visa Workshop

This online workshop is for international artists and/or art students who are considering an O-1 Visa to stay in the US. Most interested candidates are those who entered the US as adults or through academic programs, however this visa also applies to artists who immigrated at a young age and are later still required to establish their immigration status. This workshop will lay out core information, tips and strategies on the visa application based on the experiences of artists and creatives who have recently gone through this process. As a result of significant changes in immigration politics, acquiring an O-1 Visa has become a much more difficult endeavor in the past couple of years. Given the interpretative criteria of the visa, opinions of lawyers and visa applicants still vary depending on their professions, industries, career paths, strengths and weaknesses. To help navigate this nuanced O-1 Visa process, this workshop will address: qualifications, limitations of work authorization, ideal timelines for planning ahead, attorney and fee options, application improvements etc.