Alan S. Tofighi - Skip Tracing: Homunculi Physically
& Computationally Grafted

Skip Tracing: Homunculi Physically & Computationally Grafted is an exhibition of objects created from abstractions of personal/financial accounts/information, genetic sequences, and data available online, willingly or otherwise. A Prometheanist fantasy realized in the hermetic homunculus –an artificially created humanoid of predictive properties whose very creation indicates a mastery of knowledge regarding the human and its creation– is revitalized from paper trails data mined to formalize an ideal user to be marketed. Predictive beings forged via past histories/selves, and machine learning processes aided by surveillance; true escape is now the impossible act. A basic stand-in/decoy sits in place to poison the set and create a homunculus/set/self with no use; a truly useless and ‘pataphysical being, Tofighi’s Basilisk.

Alan S. Tofighi is an Interdisciplinary artist who lives and works in Southern California. Utilizing a background in research, performance, sound, video, emergent and low tech; Tofighi’s work deals with analyses of the dispersion, obfuscation, and deformation of information/history to renegotiate narratives of history/power in the present. Tofighi utilizes the infiltration of legal parameters, social structures, myth, disinformation, and extensive research of these cells as they shift from fringe culture to central in their infiltration/engineering of dominant culture.

Tofighi has shown work and/or performed at The Box, Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions, The Roxy, The Bob Baker Marionette Theater, The Wulf, Dem Passwords, Los Angeles Contemporary Archive, KCHUNG, KXLU, The Troubadour, Coaxial, Pehrspace, The Hotel Congress, and many other sites/spaces throughout world and internet.

Thank you Christine Wertheim for the press release.
Thank you Fredik Neilson Studio for the documentation