Road Test 

Road Test is an exhibition facilitating rapid formation of community, exhibition, and representational methods. In awe of the immediacy of a swap meet –its radical installation, method, ephemerality, and modularity– a field where connective, personal, and complex curation abounds is analyzed. Crucially, it is within this mode that the obscure, known, unfathomable, and sublime exist in a routine cycle of appearance and disappearance. Applying this (ir)replicability to the group show, Road Test is an immediate network hosting spectres of the everyday, phenomenon that when observed alter perception of the standard in ways that can’t be undone.

Included Artists

Karla Ekatherine Canseco @karlotta.ekat
Megan Carpenter @megan.annelise
Steven Chen @cat_scab
Anna Cho @annachoson
Stevie Choi @uhseulung
Alistair Maskell
Angela Nguyen @pile_height
Gozie Ojini @blestwun
Eddie Sierra Pollock @eddieworld6
Brenda Reyes-Chavez @krazynoodlethai
Alan S. Tofighi @toysnotmusicofficial
Dajin Yoon @qnzpdl